The Prodigal Returns

I’m back now. Sorry I’ve been away so long but I was engaged in another venture which has finally come to fruition. So back now to my first love. I am presently compiling book two (see I haven’t been completely ignoring you) and just to get us back into the stride I am going to post a couple of clues a week on this site. All the clues will come from the new puzzles so solve them and you will have got yourself a little head start. Not that it matters overmuch as there are no prizes with the new book! To keep things interesting, though, I thought that occasionally, when I post a particularly hard clue (or one that just tickles my fancy (note to US readers – that’s not rude!)) I will invite submissions by email with the first entry getting a name check on this site. See, entertainment, education and now fame! Who could ask for more.
It’s good to be back and now for the first clue (an easy starter so sadly not a name check one)
‘Warning deliveries don’t start and never end (7)’
Good luck.

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