New Clue

How did you get on with the last clue? Quite easy eh?
The solution is FOREVER. Why? Well the clue was ‘Warning deliveries don’t start and never end’. So how did we get there? FORE is a warning in golf, an ‘over’ in cricket is 6 balls ‘delivered’ by the bowler; however, the deliveries don’t start so we only want VER. we put the two together to get the definition ‘never end’.
That’s all there is to it.

Today’s clue is:
‘Language! Meanest I’ve used!’

Just a quick aside because I just realised I have put some punctuation in that clue. The use of punctuation in a clue is twofold. The first and most important is to confuse the solver (setters are not known for their generosity of spirit) and the second is to make the clue read better, more naturally sounding (If, that is, you are one of those persons who reads things aloud, perhaps with the tip of your tongue protruding….?) (see what I mean about not nice? I even have to avoid mirrors.)

See you soon.

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