Tough clue

First a couple of answers are outstanding. The answer to ‘bottom tier’ is, of course, ‘shoelace’ (did you notice how putting ‘of course’ in there completely alters what you mean to say. It implies that you are thick if you did not get the answer straight away). Not my intention at all; for reasons see below!
The outstanding clue solution is to ‘O’ I’ve never done it before’ which I will not actually tell you just yet because I gave you an incorrect letter count! The answer is two words of 5 and 8 letters. That’s Mr Thicky no 1.
Mr Thicky number 2 comes from today’s clue which is COMBINATION LOCKS and the answer has 4 letters (don’t worry I’ve checked). Why thicky, thicky? because it took me three days to come up with this clue and I bet it gets cracked within seconds. Oh well. Nobody’s perfect as somebody once said. I blame the heat.

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